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We – ICCPL, ( ISO 9001:2000 Certified ) are a company specialising in the manufacture and export of compressors, cryogenic pumps and accessories. With our elaborate experience of 12 years, we have established our presence across the domestic & international marketplace. At present, we combine the resources and competencies of a local network.

We deliver compressors, cryogenic pumps, and accessories from our standard range and to requirements of our customers by offering innovative solutions aimed to enhance their performance.

Leader in the Compressor and Cryogenic Marketplace
Our capacity to adapt, ensures that we maintain a leading position in the industry, which forms a part of our strategy. An international culture, multidisciplinary expertise and facilities for testing and high level of simulation enable us and our R&D department to establish strong relationship with our customers.

At The Forefront Of Advanced Technology
We have always been at the forefront in applying innovative technology and are developing a comprehensive range of reliable and efficient compressors aimed at new applications. We have gained market recognition for our line of compressors and pumps of different ranges applicable to both gases like (O2, N2, H2, Co2 & Argon) & air to the process industries.

Applications Areas
Compressor technique has a diversified customer base. The products have wide spectrum of applications where compressed air is used as a source of power, or as active air, where the air plays an active role in industrial processes. Gas compressors have found applications in Air and Gas Industries, chemical, pharmaceutical and petro-chemical industries, etc.

Gas and process compressors are supplied to various process industries as well as to air separation plants and the power industry.

Quality Policy
ICCPL will continuously improve its products and services to satisfy the ever changing needs of its customers, is also committed to achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring that every one in the organization understands and meets customer requirements in the most effective way.

Our objective shall be to design and manufacture high technology quality equipments, satisfying our customers aspirations and thus strive for global presence.

To achieve this objective our quality policy is:
» To create trust in our ability to provide reliable products through constant redefinition of technology and methods.
» To continuously develop our system to ensure consistency of operations.
» To attain total customer satisfaction resulting in happiness for all.
» To protect environment from wastage and pollutants.

Customer Assistance
We assist all our clients with guidelines for their operations to grow; like: Higher reliability, minimizing downtime, Maintenance of air compressor at low cost, etc. We also have 24 hour backup from trained, professional technicians.

In addition to this, we also provide our clients with an installation check list and assist them in the installation process.

Installation Checklist
The Interactive Installation Checklist we provide is a personnel training tool to ensure a compressor is installed correctly and meets required safety standards. Through a series of guides, and checklists it guides our client to gain optimum system management for their compressor installation.

World Wide References
Inspired by our profession, we have developed a strong ability to adapt to demanding situations. More than 14 years of experience and world-wide presence empowers us to accumulate many references with customers in all continents. It has already supplied all about 95 compressors of different capacities & about 55 cryogenic pumps all over the country and abroad in Jordan, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Nepal, Sudan, Iran, Yemem, Maritinia & Bangladesh.

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